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Course feedback results - fall 2018

Course feedback is released when there are enough answers.


Mother tongue:

If you are fully bilingual (or tri-), please select the first applicable option. E.g., pick “Finnish” if you know both Finnish and another language at the level of a native Speaker.

General Comments

Please indicate whether you agree with these claims:

Further comments on the practical arrangements or the other topics mentioned above:

Course Materials and Assignments

Which of the following claims about the weekly bulletins best matches you?

(The weekly bulletins are the “zero chapters” 2.0, 3.0, etc. that build on student comments and questions.) 2.0, 3.0 etc.)

Please indicate whether you agree with these claims:

Please indicate whether you agree with these claims:

Further comments on the course materials, assignments, weekly bulletins, or the other topics mentioned above:

Teaching Assistants and Lab Sessions

Messages from assistants

O1’s teaching assistants monitored the progress of selected students (especially: beginner programmers from Aalto’s School of Science) and sent them weekly messages via email. If you received these messages, we’d appreciate your comments on whether they were useful or otherwise meaningful to you. If you didn’t receive such emails, just skip this box.

Further comments on the guidance you received, greetings to the assistants, etc.

Learning and Workload

How much do you feel you learned in O1?

How difficult would you describe O1’s contents as?

Please consider the following info, then comment on O1’s workload:

  • Any five-credit course should take about 137 hours of work for a typical student who has no additional prior experience in the course topic and who reaches a grade of three. Reaching the highest grades may well take more time.
  • In O1, 137 hours means working for more than ten hours per week.

In the light of the above information, assess O1’s workload by selecting one of the options below. (Please note that this question isn’t about whether O1 is lighter or heavier than other courses you are taking or have taken.)

Your activity: did you put in the effort?

Please indicate whether you agree with these claims:

(These items, too, are here to help with course design. Obviously, none of your
answers to this questionnaire will affect your — or anyone’s — course grade.)

Further comments on learning, difficulty, and workload:

To future O1 students:

If you’d like to enter a hint or message to the students of future O1 offerings, you’re welcome to do so here:
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