Students should contact the course staff for further assistance on course matters. If there are technical issues in the course materials, contact the course staff. Check the course page for the contact information. Typically, email is not the primary discussion channel in courses.



Aplus manual

The Aplus manual contains detailed instructions on how to start authoring a course and how to use the various types of assignments available for A+.

A+ LMS project website

The A+ LMS website provides an overview of the project and all the associated services as well as a quick start guide. It also contains links to technical documentation for platform developers.

Request a new course instance in the server

Instructions at Aalto University

Contact support by email:

Download course templates

Aplus course template

The Aplus course template provides you with the minimum structure to start authoring your course.

Aplus manual

Since the Aplus manual contains a wide variety of assignments, you can download the source code and use it as a source of knowledge for creating your own assignments. You may run the manual course in your own computer with the Docker containers.


Microsoft Teams

Teachers can start a conversation with other users of A+ or ask for support in the Microsoft Teams channel. However, if your matter contains private or sensitive information, you should contact us by email.

Report an issue in GitHub

Teachers may report issues in GitHub, such as bugs in the application or ideas for new features. If you want to discuss with the support team more personally or in privacy, contact us by email.



Keep yourself updated with information about A+ and all the associated services.


Check the status of our servers.

Current development

Follow the current development of A+ and its related services.

Other servers that use A+

Exam server for the EXAM studio

Find out more about how to use A+ to conduct examinations.

Testing environment

Aalto teachers may use our testing environment to test courses before publishing them in production.


Accessible teaching

Learn how to create accessible content for learners.

Watch recordings of our webinars.

The webinars contains some talks organized by the EDIT team concerning A+ and its related services.

Introduction to A+ — ÄlyOppi webinar in Finnish

ÄlyOppi webinars are available at the project website .

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