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Semantic Web Open

This is an open MOOC version of the 2021 Semantic Web course of the Aalto University. The material is intended to offer learning material to all people interested in Linked Data. The idea of the course is to get to know the idea of semantic web, the technologies, and its application prospects, and learn how to use the programming tools of the area in practice. These exercises here can’t be used to replace the exercises of the regular Aalto course, instead they are meant as open learning material for everyone without any time limits. The more technical exercises have been left out from this open learning material, making this suitable for humanists or others interested in Linked Data learning material, however basic understaning of programming will be very helpful.

Course Contents

Linked Data and ontologies have become main stream technologies for integrating data from different data sources, for publishing data, and for creating intelligent application on the Semantic Web. This technology has become ever more important, e.g., in Digital Humanities and various other application areas. For example, museums, libraries, and archives use Linked Data in content portals, such as Europeana.

The core content of the course consists of the essentials of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies and standards such as Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Contact information

The course is organized by the Semantic Computing Research Group (SeCo).

The email address of the course staff is: cs-e4410 (at)

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