This course has already ended.

Homework before week 5

This week we will start to prepare for NCPC, the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest. Taking part in NCPC is entirely optional, but there are additional points available for everyone who takes part in NCPC.

There is no homework reading this time, but you get to explore and solve some problems that appeared in NCPC a few years ago.

Homework problems

You will find here a re-run of an old NCPC contest:

Please create a user account in the Kattis system if you do not have one already, and join the contest.

You will find there approx. 10 tasks. As usual, some of the tasks are very easy (all teams will solve them during the contest) and some are very hard (it can happen that nobody solves them during the contest). The tasks are not ordered by difficulty.

You are expected to solve 2 tasks correctly. You can freely choose which tasks to solve. So what you are primarily practicing here is the skill of going through a long list of tasks and trying to identify which of the tasks are likely to be the easiest ones for you.

Solving any 2 tasks is enough to complete the homework, but of course you are encouraged to solve more if you would like to get practice before NCPC.

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NCPC practice contest

We will also organize a 5-hour online practice contest on Saturday, September 30, 2023, and there are additional points available. Please see the bonus point instructions for more information!

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