Set up Visual Studio Code

Main questions:

How do I set up VS Code to start creating a new course in A+?


In this section, we will present the following topics:


In this chapter, we do not provide additional material.


You need basic computational skills to install software in the Linux OS.

Estimated working time:

From 30 min to 1 hour.

VS Code

As mentioned in previous chapters of this manual, VS Code is an advanced IDE that provide you with a set of tools designed to improve the experience of creating, editing, and compiling source code. In this particular case, the source code is written in RST, and the compiled output are HTML, YAML and static files. Along with the built-in tools included in VS Code there are additional extensions designed to facilitate the experience of writing RST. The A+ team developed an extension designed to improve the experience of creating course content. The extension will be discussed in more detail in upcoming sections of this chapter.

The first step to enjoy the benefits of creating course content with the help of VS Code is to install the application in you computer. Installing VS Code is relatively straightforward. You only need to follow the instruction provided in the download section of the official website.

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