Additional resources and cheat sheet

Main questions:

What are the most common directives used in RST


This section will show the most common directives in RST


You may use the A+ course template as a starting point for creating a new course.


You need to have a good understanding of RST.

Estimated working time:

There is no estimated time.

Once you start working with RST, you will become curious about the language's flexibility, and most likely, you will want to implement more advanced functionalities. Therefore, we suggest always using the official documentation as the main source of knowledge. Nevertheless, there is always other sources of knowledge that could help you solve specific problems or implement more advanced directives. So do not hesitate to explore and find the most suitable language features for you.

RST and Sphinx Official Documentation

In order to create course content in A+, you will need to get familiar with the syntax and the terminology of the language. Therefore, we suggest reading about Sphinx and RST on the following websites.

Cheat Sheet

Sometimes you will need to have a sheet with the list of directives that you can use. For that, you can check the links below.

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