Submit from Git

A-plus supports exercises where student solutions are retrieved from their personal Git repository.


To test grading from Git, a private RSA key MUST be appened to the file at ``exercises/git_hello_python/git_rsa``. In May 2021, the access script in grading-base requires RSA key that is used in cloning the repository via ssh URL. Furthermore, it may require the repository is in

Inserting the private key has the consequence that any users having access to these course source files can run git commands in the system authenticated as the user whose account is linked to the private key via the matching RSA public key configured in GitLab.


Following is the Hello Python -exercise previously presented in this manual except that the submission is configured via git. Students must be instructed at the beginning of the course to add the grading account (linked via the RSA key) as a reporter to their project members. Without ``require_gitlab`` configuration students must use SSH URLs.

A+ presents the exercise submission form here.

Other remarks

  • The setting require_gitlab in /exercises/git_hello_python/config.yaml allows to input GitLab HTTP URLs for the given domain. Presumably it should reject other domains but doesn't in May 2021.

  • GitLab API token may be inserted as the file /exercises/git_hello_python/git_api_token and gitlab-api-query uncommented in the script /exercises/git_hello_python/ These optional checks can ensure, before cloning, that the repository exists and is private. There is also an option to check that the repository is forked from a given source repository (see grading-base readme). Note that anyone having access to the API token can access the API and it's features authenticated as the token owner.

  • When there are multiple exercises graded from git the / script can be used to distribute the necessary key files to all the necessary exercise directories that get mounted to the grading image.

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