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The latest instance of the course can be found at: Semantic Web: 2024 MOOC


A foundation of the Semantic Web is the Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model. With it, resources can be described by linking to them information such as other resources and atomic literal data. A semantic RDF graph consists of interlinked resources and literal data.

In the first exercise phase, we create an RDF graph by creating resources and literals using the N-Triples notation. After this, we use the Turtle notation to reate RDF graphs and visualize their structure. The objective is to learn to conceive RDF descriptions as semantic graphs. Additionally we get acquainted with two other ways to represent RDF graphs: RDF/XML and JSON-LD.

In the second phase we practice creating our own data in RDF format.

In the final phase of the first exercise set we learn to create an RDF schema.

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