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The course has compulsory exercises. Support for them is available during the exercise sessions. Attending the exercise sessions is not compulsory. Collaboration is allowed in the exercises, but each student should submit their own solutions. In addition to the exercise sessions, you can ask for advice at the course discussion forum.

Exercise set topics and deadlines are
  • Exercise set 1: Producing RDF data and RDFS ontologies (opens: 13.01. 12:00) (deadline: 06.02. 23:55)
  • Exercise set 2: SPARQL language and protocol (opens: 06.02. 12:00) (deadline: 06.03. 23:55)
  • Exercise set 3: SKOS, OWL, rules and recommendations (opens: 06.03. 12:00) (deadline: 06.04. 23:55)

Submissions will be graded automatically, and to pass you need to get 50% of points for each exercise set to pass the course. The exercises also affect the final grading by giving you a maximum of 6 points (max 2 per exercise set) out of 36 total points (30 for exam, 6 for exercises). To get 1 point for course grading, you are required to get at least 67% of the total points for the exercise, to get 2 points for course grading you need at to get at least 83% of the points.

Exercise sessions

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