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Semantic Web (5 cr)

The idea of the course is to get to know the idea of semantic web, the technologies, and its application prospects, and learn how to use the programming tools of the area in practice. The course is open to students at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki (UH) under the auspices of HELDIG

  • Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities.

Lectures: Hall T5 at CS Building, Konemiehentie 2. Wednesday 10:15-12:00, starting Jan 8th, 2020.

Excercises: Room Y338, Otakaari 1 starting on Jan 16th.

Enrolling the course

For the students of Aalto University, the course is compulsory in the Web Technologies, Applications and Science track of the Computer Science major in the Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences. You can enroll the course as usual in Oodi.

For the students of the University of Helsinki, the course can be included in the Digital Humanities Minor at HELDIG, or as an additional course according to the study programme regulations at your own study programme. (Please, check your own study programme before enrolling the course.) To enroll the course as a student of UH, please send an email about this to prof. Eero Hyvönen (eero.hyvonen[at]helsinki,fi).

Course Contents

Linked Data and ontologies have become main stream technologies for integrating data from different data sources, for publishing data, and for creating intelligent application on the Semantic Web. This technology has become ever more important, e.g., in Digital Humanities and various other application areas. For example, museums, libraries, and archives use Linked Data in content portals, such as Europeana.

The core content of the course consists of the essentials of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies and standards such as Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL). Rule systems, ontology techniques and Semantic Web tools and applications will also be covered. The theoretical part of the course will be complemented by exercise work.

Passing the course

The course has the following compulsory parts:

Exercises (graded 0-6) Examination (graded 0-30)

Final grading will be based on the sum of these two parts (0-36 pts).

The exercises have to be passed to pass the course. Exercises passed on previous years (including the previous course codes ME-E4300 and T-75.4300) are also accepted.


The next exams will be on announced later. See Oodi for further details and registration. Advice for preparing for the exam will be available on a separate Preparing for the Exam page.

Teachers and contact information

Lectures: Eero Hyvönen and Jouni Tuominen

Exercises: Heikki Rantala and Mikko Koho

Responsible professor: Eero Hyvönen

The email address of the course staff is: cs-e4410 (at) If you need advice about the exercises, please use the course discussion forum.

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